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  • Do you have a fantastic product ready to sell?
  • Is your website online and undiscovered?
  • Are you struggling to get the attention of your customer?

Let's face it - you can have the most fabulous product that ticks all the boxes for the niche market you want to sell into - but if you can't get the message out about that product you're 'dead in the water'...

Structuring a solid link building strategy is an important aspect of marketing online and a vital ingredient in online success. Reaching your target audience on the internet requires careful consideration and planning. You should aim to implement strategies that will ensure that your site and products can be found by an audience of highly motivated buyers.

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that it's a big old world out there - and the internet is no exception. For the average person, online success is achieved when they master online marketing. That means effectively targeting your key audience and getting people with a genuine interest in what you're selling beating a path to your door.

If your fabulous new product is not carefully promoted so that those all important customers can find it, then you can say goodbye to selling that product with any great deal of success....

Dear Online Seller,

My name is Ely. I'm an experienced online marketer, with a background helping online sellers and info product providers. My expertise can help you to build recognition for your brand by ensuring your websites can be found easily in order to build a strong customer base for your business.

I've seen a radical shift in as marketing to niche buyers becomes more targeted and strategic. I've worked closely with people selling a broad range of products, helping to boost their internet marketing and assisting them with driving highly targeted groups of potential customers to their sites.

By helping individuals to apply key marketing and link building strategies, I've seen people replicate strong results time and again. Using these principles of marketing, I believe that you too can achieve outstanding results in your online business.

If you've been looking into the options that are out there when it comes to online marketing and traffic flow, then you'll know that there are a great many ways in which you can achieve results. This barrage of information often leaves people feeling completely overwhelmed.

Driving high quality traffic to your website is critical for achieving success, but so many people who are starting out simply loose sight of their objectives when barraged with mountains of information.

The right marketing mix is a critical aspect of link building success. For this reason, it is essential that you combine the best 'ingredients', so that your business becomes the money earner it is destined to be! You need to understand how to combine a number of strategies in order to create a steady flow of traffic to your site.

A good place to start is by recognising that traffic flow is about good marketing, not just good products. If the amount of information out there about link building sends you running for cover, then it's time to take a step back and find a better way.

There are many options for marketing, but just as you might focus on one or two conventional marketing options if you owned a store, so too, you need to focus your energies when marketing online. The internet doesn't have to be a big scary place, and if you are serious about making a go of it selling online, then you need to quickly overcome your fear that you might make some irreversible mistake.

If you are eager to make your mark, then one of the cheapest, most effective and most straightforward ways you can succeed is by just being yourself. Now I can hear you asking - how can being yourself possibly be the key to getting your products in front of potential customers?

Well I'm going to explain - if you have the energy and enthusiasm to create a buzz about your products, but you feel limited by your budget - then I have a number of great link building strategies that could be perfect for you!

Selling Your Products
The Non-Sales Way!

Being Yourself & Sharing What You Know
Is The Key To Bigger Sales & Increased Profits!

From a very young age we learn that being ourselves is a great way to make friends with likeminded people. Fortunately for those of you selling online, this principle works really well when you know how to apply it online. People online are still people, those with common goals and interests tend to group together in a range of ways.

They interact on forums, comment on blog posts, seek each other out on Twitter and read about those things they are interested in on sites such as Squidoo and HubPages.  So what does all that have to do with marketing?  Well, I'm glad you asked. The simple fact is that if you want to find people who will be enthusiastic about your products, then you need to find people who are interested in the same things you are.

Being yourself and sharing your passion is the key to drawing in targeted customers. The possibility of doing it by being yourself is made a viable one if you interact with others and build web links by sharing what you know through article writing, blog posting and so on. Every online marketer will tell you the key to success lies with reaching the right target audience.

You need to build audience trust, so that they see you as being a reputable source of information and someone that is knowledgeable and has a clear understanding of the niche you are involved in.
This trust can translate to sales as those people motivated to buy come to you first.

They will understand that you share their passion and they will feel that you can provide them with the best products and service based upon that common interest and understanding.

Through this process, you'll get the double benefit of boosting your site through link building and also through targeting a group of interested customers.

So the question then is how do you
get started at 'being yourself' online?

I'm going to share this with you, but before I do - let's recap the key elements to succeeding at an online business:

You need motivated customers who wish to buy from you

You need to create links to help drive those customers to your site

You need a value for money way to increase the number of site visitors

You need to reduce the cost of promoting your business

The key to doing all this without blowing your budget before you really get going is to develop strategies that ensure you drive plenty of eager visitors to your site. Link building will help in this process, by making it easy for potential customers to find your products and use your services.

Of course, I know that this may sound like common sense - but information overload is a common problem when you're just starting to work out the best options for promotion. This is a common cause of failure, because marketing needs sustained effort, which can be sabotaged by efforts to apply too many strategies in one go!

So today I'd like to share with you…….

Transform Your Approach To Succeed
At Link Building & Online Marketing…

Link building plays a very important role in creating a successful website. The stronger the links you have, the more likely it is that relevant people will find your webpages. This can be through search engines, or through referrals on other related sites. Using sites that provide you with the opportunity to share your knowledge and add links to your web page will ensure that you have a strong following.

Your site will rank more highly in the search engines when there are a greater number of links and more people will find you via the informative content you have placed online. Connecting with people who are looking for information about different things can be a powerful step towards selling to those people when it comes time for them to finally buy.

Through building a relationship by sharing what you know, you start to develop a connection that is likely to have them seek you out when they are ready to make a purchase. The fact is, these days you can find a number of different outlets via which you can connect with people you share common interests with.

What you really need is some guidance to ensure that you can keep your efforts focussed. This will help you avoid spending too much time on your marketing, as well as ensuring that your marketing strategies are going to generate the outcomes you desire - connecting you with prospective buyers and boosting your business.

Let me explain some more about how I got started... When I first began promoting my business online, I was where many of you started out. I had created a great website, I believed in the product I was selling - but no one was finding their way to my webpage. I was at a loss as to what I could do, but if I didn't want to 'shut up shop'; I knew I had to start generating traffic so that I had people to sell my things to.

It was about that time I started working on a Squidoo lens and began to see the number of visitors to my site really take off. Sharing useful information was the key to driving more visitors to my website.

As I shared my insights and knowledge, I soon noticed that a lot of the readers I'd picked up were eager to follow through and find my business site. Seeing the success I had blew me away, because I was amazed at how straightforward this completely FREE traffic was.

I started getting a high volume of targeted
traffic without spending a dime to get it

So what does it all mean for you?

Well the simplest way to put it is that being yourself and sharing your knowledge to target your niche will boost your business - it's as simple as strategically approaching your marketing to ensure REAL results!

Information Sharing Can Deliver
Tons of FREE Traffic Fast!

When I saw how powerful this connection was, I realised that others could benefit from using these link building strategies to get greater volumes of traffic to their business websites. Armed with the information I'd gathered from my own experiences, I decided to develop a training series that covered the ways in which you can build links to drive countless targeted customers to your web pages.

With my firsthand experience, I had strategies that would help others to boost their online marketing - and I decided to develop a coaching series that would guide others step-by-step toward mastering the essentials of link building.

No longer does targeted traffic and online success need to be a far off dream.... Now you can drive masses of visitors to your sites to increase your online sales. Forget searching through mountains of online information. Instead, you can access all the secrets to link building in my "Link Building Coaching" program.

I'll cover the must know strategies you need to follow to steadily increase the number of links to your site - boosting your page rank in the search engines and driving tonnes of qualified traffic to your website. Running an online business is about growing a steady income, and that's precisely the outcome you can get when you undertake this unique coaching program……

'Link Building Coaching' - The Key To Improved Traffic Quality and Volume!

If you are ready to transform the way you promote your online business - it has never been easier. With my "Link Building Coaching", you'll uncover a wide range of outstanding strategies that will boost traffic, generate more sales and produce a higher cash flow. As you work through the coaching process, you'll receive the support you need.

This is fun, insightful guidance which ensures you'll understand how to develop social marketing strategies step-by-step. At the end of the coaching, you'll have mastered a range of techniques which you'll be able to continue to apply to your marketing efforts. That means you can tailor your approach to marketing, implementing the right strategies, whatever your online business situation.

The upshot of all this is to ensure you achieve the success you deserve!
One of the greatest things about this is that these link building strategies is the face they cost very little to get started. This is particularly helpful when you're just starting out, as it doesn't cost a lot of money to get the ball rolling.

The "Link Building Coaching" series helps you to progressively build up a wealth of tips, ideas, strategies and knowhow that will start bringing in numerous customers and drive up your sales. If your focus is on developing marketing strategies to deliver a steady stream of prospects to your business - then link building truly is the answer you've been looking for.

Best of all, the coaching ensures you have time to steadily implement the strategies, so that you can start right away and watch the results of your efforts throughout the coaching period.
With "Link Building Coaching" you’ll get information to help you:

Expand your customer base with eager buyers

Develop closer ties with your buyers to increase the opportunities

Find innovative, FREE ways to develop business promotion opportunities

Attract enthusiastic prospects with a genuine desire to buy the products

"Link Building Coaching" has the potential to transform your business. Here's why….

This Is A MUST For Those Ready To Put Their Business Into Overdrive!

"Link Building Coaching" will change the way you perceive marketing - providing you with a fresh approach to generating sales using these innovative, high quality strategies.

Why you should be a part of "Link Building Coaching"

It creates genuine results at a fraction of the cost of other conventional marketing

You don't have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to see a strong ROI

You can avoid the pitfalls of online marketing by taking a proactive approach to a more relationship based marketing style

It is an opportunity to develop close links to your customers, ensuring that your business is not only selling, but also responding to them for longer term stability and growth 

These strategies are tried and tested - you can implement them quickly and see results fast

You can get the information you need fast from the straightforward, user friendly PDF format

These informative and entertaining coaching guides you STEP-BY-STEP through the 'nuts and bolts' of link building strategies to ensure you master them and can adapt them to your needs in the long term

The surest way to continue getting the same results is to keep doing what you are doing - but I imagine that you wouldn't have made it to this page if you didn’t think that there was a possibility to do better.

If you're serious about promoting your business successfully, then I urge you to put aside any scepticism. This is your chance to create a strong business through strategic, successful link building and marketing!

Begin NOW For One Super Low Price!

With the right strategies at hand, you'll have the keys to unlocking the results you desire. "Link Building Coaching" will provide genuine tools and strategies to achieve outstanding results.

Once you have mastered the strategies covered in the coaching program, you'll find there are many different ways you can apply these strategies to increase your profits time and time again!

Here's a brief outline of the coaching sequence:

Week 1:Traditional Marketing, Social Media and It's Advantages. Introduction to Social Media Marketing & Terms. Why Link Wheels is TOP social media marketing technique. How Link Wheels Work.

Week 2: Mini Link Wheel Method. Overview of the Process..

Week 3: Keyword Research EXTREME & Mind Mapping To Greater Success

Week 4: Getting Started With Creating Accounts On RIGHT Social Sites (Not Every Web2.0 Site Works)

Week 5: Content Development Strategies Never Talked Before, By ANYONE

Week 6: Building A Rock Solid WALL To Protect Your Web Properties Forever & Ever

Week 7: Rolling The Ball To Build Your First Mini Link Wheel By Targeting Tier-1 Sites

Week 8: Secret Method To Create 100s of Articles In Just Few Days, Again & Again..

Week 9: Capitalizing On The Power of Social Bookmarking - Learn The RIGHT Way To Use Them

Week 10: Targeting Tier-2 Sites To Complete The Wheel & Get Ready To Move To The Next Step

Week 11: Tracking What You Are Doing With Laser Like Accuracy & Precision..Very Important Lesson


Week 12: Some Extra Link Building Strategies To Take Your Link Building Results To Next Level


The coaching format provides you with an opportunity to consolidate what you have learnt as you get access to an amazing about of valuable information. Along each step of the way, you'll uncover fresh opportunities to utilise the strategies outlined, so that you can be implementing these techniques as you go.

If you want cost effective, targeted link building and marketing strategies, then don't miss your chance to get the knowledge covered in the "Link Building Coaching" program - it truly covers all the strategies you need....

Best of all, this coaching opportunity could be
yours today for just two payments of $14.95

With a range of tools at your disposal, you are ensured the traffic and cash flow outcomes you've been seeking. I know that you need to be flexible in order to achieve truly lasting success in your online business. So to get you approaching your link building even more proactively, I'm going to give you everything you need to reach your goals.

With all the powerful knowledge in your marketing 'tool kit', I'm confident that you'll achieve the edge you need over the competition!

Link Building 12-Week Coaching
NOW to lock in the low price of 2 x $14.95!


One PDF lesson delivered to your inbox every week, for 12 weeks
Just two payments of $14.95
Sixty Days 100% Money Back Guarantee!

* After payment please click on "return to merchant" or "return to ely @"

To your link building success,

Ely Shemer
B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

"One can not learn when one thinks he already knows", Epictetus

P.S.: Link building is a marketing strategy that can help you develop a loyal and valuable customer base. It is such a great marketing strategy precisely because it is about connecting with customers and reaching the right audience. By implementing link building you'll have loads of traffic beating a path to your website, eager to purchase your goods or services.

Don't miss out on securing the profits you deserve. Grab hold of this opportunity now and transform your results starting today!

P.P.S.: With this incredible low price, valuable added bonuses and with the guarantee on offer today, this is not a case of whether you can afford the coaching - it’s a case of how can you not?

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